Tips for foreigners


The CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), is a document issued by the Receita Federal (Federal Revenue). It is necessary for opening bank accounts. However, this document is not necessary for those who will not stay is Brazil for more than 12 months (resolution no. 93 of Banco Central).
To request your CPF, go to a Banco do Brasil agency, Caixa Econômica Federal agency or post office carrying a passport and a declaration of enrollment in UFMS which can be withdrawn from the registrar’s office of your program’s department. You will be charged R$ 5,50. After this step, you must go to the Federal Revenue to conclude the issuance request, according to a date especified in the protocol handed to you in the Banco do Brasil agency, Caixa Econômica Federal agency or post office.

We remind you that for the student to have a CPF he/she needs to be living in the country. After the conclusion in the Receita Federal (Federal Revenue), the card will arrive in 30 to 45 days.

Receita Federal (Federal Revenue)

Address: Rua Desembargador Leão Neto do Carmo n° 3 – Jardim Veraneio – Campo Grande/MS – CEP 79.037-901
Phone: 3318.7200
Working Hours: from 8h to 13h30, from Monday to Friday


Federal Police

You have ultil 30 days after your arrival in Brazil to register in the Federal Police. Those who don’t do so must pay a fine of R$ 8,28 for each late day. For this reason, don’t forget to regularize your situation. To register as a foreigner, you must go to the Federa Police with all the necessary documents*. You must pay a total of R$ 104,91 which includes the registration (R$ 35,89) and the emission of the foreigner ID card (R$ 69.02).

Those who have the temporary visa can ask for an extension to the expiration date**. The procedure must be done until 30 days before the expiration date and the operation costs R$ 22,08.

If you change you address, you must communicate the Federal Police until 30 days after the change. Those who don’t follow this policy will be subject to a fine of R$ 165,55.

Another Observation: by the article 98 of the law 6815/80, it is forbidden for the tourist and temporary student visa bearer to exert in remunerated activities. However, you can apply for scinetific iniciation, mentoring and financial aid scholarships, among others, as long as there is no employment of payment of salaries or services.

If in doubt about the documentation, contact the Federal Police
Phone: (67) 3368-1100
Address: Rua Fernando Luiz Fernandes, 322 – Vila Sobrinho – Campo Grande / CEP 79110-500
Working Hours: for visa –  from Monday to Friday, from 10h to 16h; for passport – from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 18h.

*Necessary Documents to Register as a Foreigner:
– Original and photocopy of the used pages in your passport;
– Two 3×4 front facing, colored, white background photos;
– Consular visa request form;
(Gar form available on the website).

**Extension to the expiration date:
– Academic record;
– Declaration of enrollment;
– Authenticated copy of your registro temporário (temporary record) and passport;
– Documento de comprovação de manutenção;
– Comprovante de recolhimento de taxa de migração;
(Gar form available on the website).


MRE (Itamaraty)

Ministério das Relações Exteriores
Palácio Itamaraty – Térreo, Sala 6, Brasília – DF
Tels.: 3411-6050 / 60 , 3411-6070 / 80
Fax: 3322-7106