About the International Affairs Office

Sobre a Secretaria de Relações Internacionais

The International Affairs Office has as its aims:

  • promote scientific, technological, cultural, artistic and philosophical exchange between UFMS and international organizations;
  • support foreign professors, researchers and academic students, when on UFMS,  as well as UFMS’ professors, technical staff and academic students when studying abroad;
  • stablish cooperation, partnership and exchange agreements with public or private institutions for teaching, research, extension, innovation, entrepeneurship and promotion of the most diverse countries;
  • assist teaching, student and technical staff in the persuit of academic and professional improvement opportunities abroad;
  • interact with all UFMS units in the conduct and execution of the various international programs, monitoring their development and sharing the results obtained;
  • help students on international academic mobility about documentation needed to their period abroad;
  • reinforce managing reports;
  • develop other activities within its area of activity.